At Northtech Solutions, safe work and environmental protection are paramount. We believe:

  • All injuries can be prevented
  • Environmental harm resulting from our activities must be minimised
  • Safety is the responsibility of all employees and a condition of employment
  • Our company and its employees have an obligation to preserve the environment for future generations

Northtech Solutions is committed to providing and maintaining the best possible standard of health, safety and environmental protection. The cooperation and engagement of all employees and contractors is essential to achieve our HSE objectives.


  • Arrive ready to work, in a fit and healthy state
  • Report to their supervisor any HSE hazards they encounter in their working day
  • Cooperate with all Northtech HSE programs and follow specified safe systems of work
  • Look after each other. Stop work (either their own or their work mates’) if it is not safe to continue
  • Participate in HSE consultation and training initiatives
  • Always use Personal Protective Equipment and clothing that is specified for their work


  • Maintain an effective HSE Management System based on AS4801 & ISO 14001
  • Comply with relevant HSE legislation
  • Identify and control hazards, impacts and risks associated with our work
  • Commit to regular consultation with employees, contractors and suppliers to ensure HSE is being effectively managed & improvement suggestions captured
  • Ensure our OHS and Environment policies and procedures are effectively developed, implemented, maintained and communicated
  • Provide necessary HSE information, training and appropriate supervision to all Northtech Solutions employees and contractors to enable them to understand, follow and promote safe and environmentally responsible working practices
  • Provide fit for purpose equipment and PPE to undertake work safely
  • Investigate and report on all HSE incidents to capture learnings and prevent recurrence
  • Consider ‘environmentally friendly’ products during purchasing, i.e. purchasing practices which conserve resources, save energy, minimise waste and maintain environmental quality
  • Minimise waste production. Promote recycling at all levels within the business